Sticker mission in TO

Since I’ve been in Canada I haven’t have the chance to exhibit my art. For a while I just kept working and doing exercises with oils, watercolors and pencil sketches, but nobody could really see my art in person. So after discussing it with my boyfriend we came up with the idea of creating some stickers to put up around the city of Toronto.

I chose one drawing from my bird series because, compared to other pieces of mine, it is maybe the most fresh and simple, and I think it really stands out from the other graffiti, a kind of art that you see everwhere here.

The QRcode brings people here, to my website, where they can see some examples of my work, and my social accounts: @_wotti (instagram), Marta Motti art (Facebook)

So I really hope you enjoy my works, and whatever has brought you here to my website I would really appreciate your little comment!

Until the next article.


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